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Product Description

Molecular formula:C10H19N5O2
Molecular weight:241.2902
Product description:Amicarbazone is a broad-spectrum weed control in new triazolinone herbicides. Phenotype sensitive plants exposed Amicarbazone include yellowing, stunted growth, tissue necrosis, and death. Its efficacy as a leaf and root application show that the compounds of herbicide absorption and translocation quickly. This new herbicide is a strong photosynthetic electron transport inhibitor, induced chlorophyll fluorescence and off the oxygen on the surface of the optical system by binding to a similar manner II (PSII) QB domain triazine herbicides its efficacy by the resistance of the most common PSII inhibitors. And has good selectivity distribution is in addition to a more effective herbicide atrazine, it is to use than conventional inhibitors reduce the rate of photosynthesis.

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