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Antimony(III) oxide

Product Description

CAS: 1309-64-4
Molecular Formula: Sb2O3
Molecular Weight: 137.7578
Product description:
1. Used for various resin, synthetic rubber, canvas, paper, paint and other flame retardants, petroleum chemical industry, synthetic fiber catalyst. Used in the manufacture of mordant, milky white, it is the raw material of synthesis of antimony salt. Enamel is used as additive, in order to increase the opacity and surface gloss of the enamel. Glass industry used as decoloring agent instead of arsenite. Medicine, metallurgy, military industry, etc. 
2. Antimony trioxide belongs to add flame retardant agent, often with other flame retardants and smoke elimination agent and use, can produce synergies between components. Antimony trioxide in the early part of the combustion, first is melting, the material form a protective film from the air, through internal endothermic reaction, reduce the combustion temperature. Under high temperature condition of antimony trioxide are vaporized and dilute the oxygen concentration in the air, and flame retardant effect. 
3. Commonly used polycondensation catalyst in the polycondensation of terephthalic acid glycol dosage of about 0.03%. Also used for all kinds of resin, synthetic rubber, canvas, paper, paint and other flame retardants. Antimony trioxide

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