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Iron Oxide Red

CAS: 1332-37-2
Molecular Formula: Fe2O3
Molecular Weight: 159.69
Product description:
1, in the building materials industry is mainly used in colored cement, color cement tile, color cement tile, glazed tile and floor tile, color mortar, color asphalt concrete, terrazzo, Mosaic tiles, artificial marble and metope paint, etc.; 
2, used in a variety of coatings to protect material and color, external walls including waterborne coatings, powder coatings, etc.; It also can be used in paint including epoxy resin, alkyd, amino and so on all kinds of primers and paint; Can also be used for toy paint, decoration paint, furniture paint, electrophoresis paint and enamel. Iron red primer has the antirust function, can replace expensive red lead paint, save non-ferrous metals. 
3, used for plastics coloring, such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics, coloring and rubber products, such as automobile inner tube, inner tube, bicycle inner tube, etc. 
4, used for advanced fine grinding materials, used in precision hardware instruments, such as optical glass polishing. High purity is the main basic material of powder metallurgy, and other senior alloy used for smelting various magnetic alloy

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