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Pyridoxine dipalmitate

Product Description

Molecular formula:C40H75NO7
Molecular weight:682.026000000001
Product description:Pyridoxine dipalmitate are generally commercially available form of vitamin B6, which is soluble in water, sensitive to light, not alkaline, stable in acid, fluorescent properties. Pyridoxine dipalmitate compared with water-soluble vitamin B6 significantly reduced, but the product does not have side effects on the organism. Thus reducing the cost of feed for aquaculture, and contribute to the development of aquaculture. On the other hand pyridoxine dipalmitate overcomes the disadvantages due to the water-soluble vitamin B6 and acid are not suitable for large high-fat products, and pyridoxine dipalmitate having all the physiological functions of vitamin B6, have anti-inflammatory therapy acne, rough skin and so on, can be used in medicine, cosmetics.

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