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Aldehyde Site (DNA and Protein) Detection Kit

Product Description

Stability : 1 year
Storage : -20°C
Description :
Oxidative damage occurs in all living organisms from reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are a consequence of normal body processes such as metabolism. ROS react with proteins, resulting in protein modification, such as introduction of carbonyl groups into the protein. The modified proteins are dysfunctional and can be removed through degradation. Both mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA are constantly exposed to oxygen radicals, causing extensive oxidative damage. DNA damage by ROS has significant consequences since it causes mutations and genomic instability. Studies have shown that oxidative DNA damage accumulates with aging. Oxidative DNA damage has been implicated to be important in many diseases, including cancer. Assessment of this damage in various biological matrices is essential for understanding the mechanisms of oxidative damage and its biological effects. 

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