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DARPP-32 (Phospho-Thr34) Polyclonal Antibody

Product Description

Stability : 1 year
Formulation : Affinity-purified IgG
Description : 
WB · DARPP-32 is a dopamine (DA) and cAMP-regulated ~32k phosphoprotein that is associated with dopaminoceptive neurons. The protein inhibits protein phosphatase I when it is phosphorylated on Thr. In contrast, when DARPP-32 is phosphorylated on Thr the protein acts as an inhibitor of PKA. Phosphorylation of DARPP-32 is thought to play a critical role in the regulation of dopaminergic neurotransmission. In addition, the activity of DARPP-32 is also thought to play important roles in the actions of alcohol, caffeine, and Prozac.
Specificity : Rat DARPP-32
Storage : -20°C

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