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Product Description

CAS Number : 1176905-54-6
Molecular Formula : C9H13N3O2
Formula Weight : 195.2g/mol
Specification : 
Stability:2 years
Formulation:A crystalline solid
Description :
DAz-2 is a cell-permeable chemical probe that reacts specifically with sulfenic acid-modified proteins. The azido group of DAz-2 provides a method for selective conjugation to phosphine- or alkynyl- derivatized reagents, such as biotin or various fluorophores, for subsequent analysis of the labeled proteins. Use of DAz-2 in HeLa cells followed by Staudinger ligation to biotin and subsequent LC-MS/MS analysis, led to the identification of 193 sulfenic acid-modified proteins having a diverse range of functions.
Storage : -20°C

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