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Product Details

Name Thyroprotein
Alias Caseins; iodinated; Iodinated casein
CAS  No. 9005-97-4
Category Iodine source for nutritional and pharmaceutical applications
Weight -------------------
Usage Pharmaceuticals / Intermediate / Supplement
Appearance Brown yellow powder

Product Description

Thyroprotein ( Iodinated casein ); Any of various preparations made by iodinating proteins and having physiological activity similar to that of thyroxine and related iodinated protein constituents from the thyroid gland especially Iodinated casein.

Synthetic thyrotropin is a carefully controlled reaction between amino acids, tyrosine and elemental iodine.

Casein is an excellent source of natural tyrosine.



Thyroprotein ( Iodinated casein ) thyroid element is the forequarters substances, which have the similar physiological function of thyroid hormone, is called class thyroxine. It has the following several effects such as participation in the body metabolism substance, strengthening fat, sugar and protein metabolism; the increase of blood capillary permeability, make the excretion of kidney function to strengthen; to promote the growth and development of the young.


Synthetic thyroxine covers a wide range of animal applications.

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